Monday, January 11, 2016

One of the Boys

Dagny is becoming such a big girl in mind and spirit.  At 14 months, she's still small for her size, still not quite walking (can do 4-5 steps but prefers just crawling and is quite speedy), and is spoiled by her big brothers who hate hearing her cry.  Alas, she thinks she's one of the boys.  She just got a cute little Hello Kitty thermos just like her big bros and she always wants it, especially if she sees them with theirs.  I often wonder what it must be like to be a little girl with two older brothers.  I was the oldest of two, my little brother was 6 years younger so I grew accustomed to being a single child before he entered my life.  I wasn't sure about him for the first 1-2 years and I was jealous of all the attention he got from our cousins who were living with us at the time.  I can remember a few times we bonded and I know he missed me tremendously when I went off to college, but I sadly didn't miss him much as I was off experiencing new things in college.  I took for granted my little sweet brother until it was too late, by the time I wanted to hang out with him, he was off doing cool new things, having adventures in New York, and all I could do was visit and buy him expensive things with all the money I was making at the time.  HAHA.  

After Church on Sunday, the kids and I were waiting for Andy to come downstairs.  They had to find a way to pass the time, so they ended up playing with the curtains against the wall.  Dagny thought this was the best thing ever.  She could not stop laughing, standing against the wall playing with her big bros, and just being a part of it all.  
Jordan and Dagny behind the curtains as Bubba ran around them.  Squeals heard from all around
Dagny in the mix
Bubba escaping into the curtains
To top it off, she is my only child who will still sit still for a photo.  When I try to take a photo of Jordan now, he runs off.  When I try to take a photo of Bubba, he makes a mad or silly face which normally consists of him scrunching his eyebrows and looking up or down, both of which do not make for excellent photos.  Dagny, however, will sit and dangle her legs for about 2 minutes before she's over it.  I'll take it while I still can.
yes mom?

climbing up!

so happy she got on her chair all by herself!
shoulder shrug
check out those t-straps!
sweet girl 
Plus, I am in love with her new shoes.  I saw another baby girl wearing them as I was waiting for Jordan at gymnastics and I asked her mom where she got them from.  Shop small!  A girl locally from Utah, with a store online (she has an Instagram account, I follow for sales and giveaways) Monpetit Shoes makes them by hand and they were too adorable to pass up.  She has t-straps and little loafers and they are both so so cute!

After making some money from a print I designed for someone, I thought I'd go ahead and use the unexpected proceeds (I had volunteered to do it for free), and then my mom said she'd pay for them right around Dagny's birthday.  Win-win!

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