Friday, February 24, 2017

But It Was Funny...!!

 - Went to get bangs again, it might just be a tradition to have them for the Spring... again, reminiscent of our time in DC as I got them cut right before we left last year.   Cooper slept the whole entire time I had my bangs done and then we left for home, I nursed Cooper in 15 minutes, and then off Bubba and Dagny and I went to Bubba's gymnastics class.  It is so fun to watch Bubba, he is really getting good at following instructions.

Awful - Cooper is still spitting up a LOT and I go through about 4 shirts for me and 3 outfits for him on a normal day.  Also, Dagny heard about Bubba's gymnastics class and asked when her dance class was (was cancelled yesterday due to the holiday) and she was devastated that she did not have dance class.  She loves her dance class.

Amusing - Bubba and Jordan took a bath tonight and got in trouble because a HUGE TOWEL was in the bath tub.  After removing it and making them end their bath early, we left for dinner at Grandma and OGO's.  Bubba sat there at dinner, just conversing, telling Grandma about the towel incident.  These were his words, "We got into trouble because we put a towel in the bath tub. But it was really funny" and then he laughed out loud.  Me: "But you understand that you cannot do that again even though you think it's funny, right?" Bubba: "Yes, but I can't wait until I don't have a mom when I'm an adult and I can do anything I want, like put towels in the tub."  

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