Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Long Weekends

 - We had Monday off, and Andy had it off too so we ventured out for some fun stuff as a family.  On Saturday, we made it over to Top Golf (at long last!) and Jordan debuted his new white golf glove.  Dagny enjoyed the iPhone, Cooper slept, and Bubba hit a few balls and then retired to the couch with Dagny.  We tried Zaxby's for the first time and it's official, we have to get THREE kids meals when we go out now.  Sunday was a lazy movie kind of day after we enjoyed all three hours of Church and I taught Jordan's class as a substitute.  One of the Nursery leaders told me that Dagny loves volunteering for prayer and is always first to raise her hand for the prayer before snack.  She mubles and then ends with "In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen."  Bubba's sub told me how cute Bubba was, but I failed to get the details of what that was, except I overheard him yelling out, "we know that!" while in the library before Jordan's class.  Jordan couldn't stop getting up during the class I taught, he was especially hyper because his mom was teaching the class.

On Monday, we redeemed a trampoline gym coupon Jordan's been keepsaking for a few months, headed to the outlets for long weekend sales (rarely were any!) and capped off the day with a trip to Cabela's.  The gym was fun - I got hit in the engorged chest by some kids during dodgeball (and dodged out quickly thereafter), Dagny jumped her lil heart out, Jordan got more brave and tried an obstacle course, Bubba showed me how keen he was by going to ask Grandma for a snack after mom said not until after the gym, and Andy battled all the young kids in Dodgeball.

Awful - I think I might have thrush.  I'm not sure exactly what it is, but our first pediatrician was always nervous about it, advising us to brush Jordan's tongue, and nobody else has mentioned it... but Cooper's tongue is quite white and it ain't brushing off anymore, and it really hurts to nurse again, the pain doesn't seem to be relieved when he eats... and he's been spitting up a lot more than normal, and then wants to soothe with sucking, and put that on repeat.  His 2 month appt is coming up, so I'm hopeful a resolution will be in sight.

Amusing - We've had help for four days a week from 9 AM - 4 PM to help alleviate the transition of an additional child in the family.  But we're now reducing her time with us to four hours four times a week, which is so much more than I could ever ask for!  I know...  I am spoiled but I am also grateful that this is how my mom chooses to help me.  My only day alone with the kids is Thursday but we still get TONS of help from my in-laws who have us over for dinner a lot and of course, our amazing Sunday family night dinners.  I have a lot of friends who wouldn't mind living further away from family, but I'm kind of in the mindset that having family nearby is awesome.  I think part of what made Spokane such a difficult year for me, wasn't just that the snow never melted, or that the Asian food was lacking, but that we went from being in LA and close to family to a city without any family.  Being back in SLC is not just great because it's a bigger city and the snow melts, but because we have so much family around.

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