Wednesday, February 1, 2017

A New Year of Blogging

With the new year comes new resolutions and one of mine is to better capture my crazy life at home with four kids before I turn around and they're teenagers yelling at me and rolling their eyes (but wait, my 5 year old does that sometimes already...)

So I've resolved to come up with a daily log of the amazing, the awful, and the amusing.  I'll try to utilize actual photos from the day, except in looking back on the day, I don't have any of the older boys!  I have help (the same lady who came when we had Dagny) four days of the week and the boys love her so much, their attention bucket is completely full everyday playing with her in the basement.
Jordan has to write two journal entries of 2-3 sentences for school (kindergarten).  There's a guide for how he can obtain 5 stars with his entries (draw a picture, write 2-3 sentences with correct punctuation that the teacher can understand).  Even though he's not a huge fan of homework, or sitting still for that matter, he always wants 5 stars!  His desire to achieve astonishes me.

Bubba loves his baby brother and always asks to give him a kiss whenever he sees him in the morning, throughout the day, and pretty much whenever he can.  Most often, while I'm nursing, he'll come over, and ask if he can give Cooper a kiss on his head.  Sometimes, he'll ask me if I can give him a kiss too.  He is so loving, so cuddly and now so affectionate with his kisses, that I am surprised he is our son (because both Andy and I are not PDA type people).

Dagny loves to run errands with me.  She is my little grocery shopping buddy, and today we went to Walmart together.  She wanted to bring her "flower" with her, she pulled some of the daisies from the shelf (not real ones), and brought them with her on our grocery trip.  At home, she kept smelling the flowers and asking me to smell them too, and then I put one in her ear and she struck a pose for me to take a photo.  I told her, "did you know my name is Daisy like this flower?" and she responded with, "You're Daisy, I'm Minnie," so I tried to emphasize to her again, "No, my name is actually Daisy" and she nods, then says, "yes, you Daisy, I'm Minnie."

Cooper slept a little over 4 hours again last night between midnight and 4:45 AM, and it was awesome!  He even slept in his pack n play this entire time, of course, after I picked him up to feed, I just held him next to me until the morning.
Dealing with all the hospital bills, I guess I thought Cooper would be cheaper since the other two were premies and Jordan was when I was on a high deductible plan, but our current plan is pretty high also, so we pretty much are paying the entire out of pocket amount for our kids.  So turns out all our kids are expensive, even with the month of NICU stays because we pretty much maxed out our deductible early.

Realizing three of my kids will be in school next year, all different schools, and trying to figure out the drop off and pick up times and if they all work based on distance and time.  I finally figured something out, but a lot of managing and kinda crazy that it will probably only get more crazy here on out!  I only have one kid in elementary school next year, two kids in school fives days a week (half days for Bubba) and one kid in school two days a week for 2 hours, but even so - woah!

Jordan loves wearing his camo t-shirt with his camo pants.  I think it's a bit geeky so I encouraged (forced) him to wear a long sleeved shirt underneath his camo shirt, you know - to break it up a bit.

Bubba wears his pants backwards a lot, when advised to look for the tag in front and to turn his pants around, he just shrugs and says, "I like it like this."  Go figure.

Dagny was tired around 4 PM, so after a diaper change, she climbed into her bed and asked for a nap.  "My nai nai please" which is milk in Chinese.  I had gotten her a new princess sippy cup at Walmart earlier in the day, so reminded her that we were done with bottles.  She agreed, then lay in bed, played with her bed light a bit, drank some of the milk, and then went to sleep.  I just asked the boys to wake her up for a show, but she was moody and cranky and yelled at them, then went back to sleep.

Andy and I have started watching A Series of Unfortunate Events and so far it has been depressing.  We've watched two episodes so far, and it's kind of funny but overall sullen.  We'll see if I change my mind in the next few weeks.

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