Thursday, February 16, 2017

Love Is In the Air

 - Got to be a room mom at Jordan's Valentine's Day party at school.  We had four stations - 1) making fluffy slime, 2) decorating sugar cookies, 3) making heart cards, and 4) heart toss.  They were all fun stations but Jordan told me his favorite was the one I was at (the heart cards).  Bubba and Dagny also had Valentine's parties at their pre-schools, and I got them all a mini heart box of chocolates.  Daddy surprised us when we came home from Jordan's music class with mini bundt cakes, a rose, and gifts for all the big kids (no Cooper yet, he's too young).  Dagny got a pink ball, Bubba got golf tees, and Jordan got a golf glove (he's been wanting one since he did golf camp last summer). It was a great Valentine's for all of us!

Awful - We do SO MUCH laundry with Cooper around, but it's mostly towels that we use to arm ourselves from all of his spit up.  

Amusing - I love looking at the photos Bubba and Dagny's teacher posts on her private blog just for us parents to view.  It's so fun to see what they're doing at school.  

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