Saturday, February 4, 2017

Let's Just Nap


How much momentum and ambition we can have, and how quickly we can lose it when we're tired.  On today's list: Jordan's last Junior Jazz game, a wedding reception, a trip to Ikea, dinner out.  What we had wanted to also do: go skiing, make a trip to City Creek.  What we ended up doing instead: napping, or trying to with four kids.

Bubba pretends to be tired when he doesn't want to help clean up.  So Jordan cleaned up and had a lollipop he has been waiting for, for days.  Bubba saw said lollipop and wanted one too, so he offered to help clean up.  I told him he was not allowed to mess up and then clean up, so he waited patiently and offered his sister an opportunity to mess up the dinosaur box.  After she did, he pounced on cleaning it up.  Then, he came and told me about his job well done and asked for a lollipop.  Having to enforce that he has lost the chance for a lollipop... no fun.

Dagny asking for a nap at 6 PM...

Telling Bubba that he can have a lollipop if he can keep his sister awake until the grandparents arrive and we head out to dinner.

It worked.  It was hilarious.

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