Friday, February 3, 2017

Too Many TJMaxx Trips

Jordan and his buddy Seth bringing in the trash cans for the neighbor.

Bubba getting himself dressed and coming out in a t-shirt and shorts.  When asked why he wasn't wearing a long sleeved shirt or long pants, he said, "I don't have school today Mom, so it's okay."

Dagny asking to wear pants, of course pink ones and only after she had already been wearing two other dresses earlier in the day.

Cooper sleeping 5 hours last night (to be honest, it may have been 4 hours, but I was too groggy if I did feed him to notice)

Taking away the iPhone or iPhone away from Dagny and listening to her screams of disdain.

Bubba's new tantrums every time he doesn't get something he wants.  We ignore him and it doesn't seem to be an issue for long, but it is no fun.

The 15 minutes I spent browsing TJMaxx alone.  I usually am on the phone with my BFF while browsing, multitasking at its best, and I often tell Grace, you know, before I had kids, I might think - seriously, can't this girl put down the phone and just shop uninterrupted?  But now that I have kids, this is my only time to talk on the phone without kids yelling at me.  Heck yes, I'm going to be multitasking!  I am going to be THAT girl!

Also, eating out with your family when your kids color quietly while waiting for Dad to get the food and then all the kids eating like little angels and conversing like little adults.

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