Monday, February 27, 2017

Plan Backfired...!

RAmazing - Andy got last minute tickets to Matilda the Musical at the new Eccles theatre, so we asked Grandma if she could come watch the kids, and they said yes!  On a Thursday night, we headed to Broadway in SLC and enjoyed a musical as two adults sans kids.  It was absolutely wonderful, the choreography and the kids dancing, blew my breath away.  I think I enjoy musicals with kids more than adults because you are continually impressed with their dancing and singing abilities so young!  It was crazy!

Awful - I was so tired at around 2 PM but Bubba and Dagny just wanted to play.  I lethargically managed to be an X-Wing fighter for about 10 minutes before I passed out while Bubs and Dagny were still running around.  At one point, we transitioned to hide n go seek and I'm pretty sure Bubba was hiding for a while before I woke up to go find him.

Amusing - Andy has resolved to just go to Dagny's bed to sleep when she walks over to bed with us at night.  It's given him a few great nights of sleep, but starting this week, she has begun going back to her own bed to find dad.  It is hilarious to me that his plan has backfired.  When she woke up without Dad in her bed this morning (he had already gone to work), she told me she went back to her own room by herself.  I guess no Dad in the morning means she couldn't recall.  Ha!

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