Sunday, July 10, 2011

Andy Used The "D" Word!!

Today, as Andy and I were enjoying a sweet summer Sunday dinner of BBQ chicken pizza, Andy accused me of being ditzy. Somehow, the accusation is not new and did not come across as a surprise, but I of course made a big deal about it, metaphorically stomping my feet demanding to know why while laughing because I actually know of many instances that support his claim of my "D" ness.

My defense: I am positive. Energetic. Animated. Overly dramatic. Sometimes full of gestures. Somewhat of a speedy talker. And.. I just might speak faster than my brain can think. It is just like sound which travels faster than light, right?!

I suggested to Andy that what he perceived as "ditzy" was simply an attempt to mask my true intelligence in order to help others feel more at ease with my superior brilliance. I mean, let's face it, it's pretty hard to surpass mediocrity when you're around me. Andy laughed even harder when I offered this explanation.

Of course when I asked him for an example, he could only note the ONE time I refereed a game night and added 10 + 17 to get 37 points and crowned the losing team the winners, and asking outloud how that could be since they had done so bad throughout the night. I was truly perplexed. Meanwhile, the true winning team laughed hysterically at my obvious error and pointed out my mistake - through their muffled stomach griping laughter, I realized a big oopsie but, to add insult to injury, yours truly is a California certified public accountant. Guess the National Board of Accountancy just lost some of its credibility. Hope they don't take my license away!

On second thought - whatever! That's what calculators are for, not accountants.

Come on folks...we all have ditzy moments. You'd be lying if you claimed otherwise!

In fact, I remember one instance when a friend of mine was having computer trouble for a long time and thought it was broken. She couldn't figure it out so she finally begged our computer savvy friend to come and help her out. He came over, armed with all his computer fixing armor, only to point out that her computer was simply out of battery and needed to be plugged in. Funny thing is, after it happened, she just played it off as a blonde moment (no, my "friend" is not me!).

Unlike her, I refuse to perpetuate untrue stereotypes which is actually why I made that huge mathematical blunder! Yeah... that's exactly what happened.

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akamoroti said...

Ask Andy if he ever made it to the next 'level' in our game... Daisy has now been 'deditzyed'.