Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Is My Skin Sweet?

They say nothing is free in life. I should have recalled that cliche when we scored sweet seats to the free fireworks show Monday night at a small park behind the high school where admission was $7/person.

We brought a small bamboo mat to sit on, a blanket for Jordan and that was about it. No flashlight, no cover up (it was still pretty hot at 8:30 PM), nothing. Nada. Zilch. Zero. But none of that mattered since the weather was nice. The firework show was fun and great minus the lower ones we missed due to the large building obstructing our view.

But when we came home, I discovered not one, not two, not even three bug bites.. but twenty (I lose count after 17....). My skin is crawling with itchiness, I cannot help but scratch every single spot close to the actual bug bite, and on occasion, have accidentally scratched the bite itself resulting in a yelp of pain. We finally got some medication (Andy has about ten bites) to soothe the itchiness, but instead, the clear substance just creates a funky peel reminding me of my childhood (you know when you use Elmer's Glue just so you can peel it off afterwards?!).

What is perplexing is... Andy was wearing shorts and my capris went BEYOND my knee... he had on a polo, I had on a tee. So was my skin sweeter? I had avoided my normal lotion and body oil due to the immense heat... but apparently my natural skin is bug-a-licious!


Luckily, Baby Jordan didn't get ANY bites - I'm sure the towel and smell of spit up helped repel the bugs. Although, if I were a bug and I saw this face... I'd pick that over Andy or me.

Now, the commercial for the clip on bug repellant is very appealing!

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Marina said...

he's so DARLING!! love this pic of jordan!