Thursday, July 14, 2011

Do You Boolean?

Recently, I learned a new phrase that I would like to share with my internet buddies. If you already know what it means, please do not put me to shame with my ignorance. I will blissfully deny your existence!


Doesn't that sound hip? Do you boolean? Heck yeah I boolean! I be booleaning all day long. I'm so tired of booleaning, man booleaning got me so busy today! What a boolean! Boolean that! Boolean don't even know what booleaning her. Boolean!

Basically, it's a way of advance searching with key phrases such as AND and OR.

If I want to search for baby advice that contains ("bottle") AND ("baby" OR "toddler"), all results will show either baby and bottle OR toddler and bottle. You learn something new everyday.

Boolean it!

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