Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My Much Needed Workspace

I've been labeled as a neat freak, type A and even anal but but I'd like to think I am just a fan of organization. I like symmetry, right angles, pushboards, checklists and putting things inside of boxes, inside of boxes, inside yet more boxes. I like open desk space and I like alphabetizing or categorizing books, CDs and DVDs. I like knowing how much money we bring in and spend each month, and I like to know the trends of our monthly spending and the average amount we pay for gas, groceries, dining out and entertainment over the course of a year.

For the past few months, our dining table has become our working table. Both Andy and I have decided that is where our computers will reside and along with our computers, magazines, bills, mail, to do lists, and pens have accumulated. This does not make Daisy happy. But there is no other space in our apartment and the last thing we need is another piece of furniture to add to the collection of items we will have to move in a year when we depart for residency (wherever that may be). How I long for a normal workspace. How I long for a table to work on. How I long for a dining table that does not need major clearing and reshuffling of items before eating on.

Andy must have known this was bugging me because yesterday, I received the best gift ever. He cleared up our guest room so that the extra desk which we have stored under the bed and to the side, is now my workspace (his too if he so chooses!). I am elated with joy! I LOVEEE my workspace. I have already put up my Korean Blue Bear corkboard and I plan on transporting my old college one to the wall above the desk as soon as I get it from my parents' home! I have neatly organized piles of "bills to pay," "letters to go through," and "coupons to review" and even my box of pens and fake Prada pen bag and stapler. All I need are some assorted binder clips, paper clips, scotch tape and stapler remover but I prefer a nice clear case for all of that.

It's amazing how a little workspace can excite me so. I get really giddy just looking at the newfound space. It's like I have a new room to go work in! I am so thankful to Andy for making the time and space for this. He is so good to me and our little house with lots of stuff.

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Marina said...

This is so great! We have the same problem - we have an office with desks for both of us but we still take over the dinner table and coffee table and any other tables we find. Having dedicated space is best!