Tuesday, July 12, 2011

We Are Huge Dorks But We Love It!

Over the weekend, as we drove to the Grove with our friendly neighbors, the Whiteheads, I asked if "hemorrhoids are a pain in the butt" was a pun, only to have the guys scoff at me as Blair kindly offered that she thought it worked (thanks Blair - I know you were just trying to be nice). That led to a slew of other brainstorming of puns, one of which was, "There's a hole in the wall that is worth looking into" which I have made a note of and plan to use often going forward.

This conversation of vernacular fun eventually led us to palindromes (a word that reads the same front to back like racecar) which then led to a game of, how many palindromes we could come up with. It was a very intense competitive brain simulating activity, something definitely worth revisiting with Jordan when he's older. And, it was no surprise that the first words we came up with were poop, tit, boob, and toot along with mum, dad, mom, and pop. How many can you come up with?....

As we progressed and became better at the game, bigger words like redder, radar, madam, noon, level and pull-up joined the litany of palindromes and we thought we were a pretty big deal. Unfortunately, we were put to shame when we got to the restaurant and our friend Danny joined the game effortlessly with Malayalam, which he claimed was an Indian language. Incredulous looks and accusations were shot at him as our fingers simultaneously and very quickly navigated the smart phone research capabilities to see if indeed he was correct ... which I will admit now, he was (at the time, we kept suggesting he had added an entry to Wikipedia before we had a chance to find it...).

Even funnier was the fact that none of us seemed able to fully let go of the game and instead of concentrating on the menu or allowing ourselves to dive into other conversation topics over some food, random inserts of suggested palindromes infused the dinner party throughout the night. It went something like this..."Oh, this paella is not what I expected but-- REVERE! - no, that ends with an E! - oh.... ok... yeah this paella is pretty good. And I don't remember who, but at one point, someone's failed palindrome was pointed out as an onomatopoeia (no, we did not start playing that game too) That's simply grammar-ageous!

Yesterday, as I was using my phone to scripture study while feeding Jordan, I saw a page from when I had searched "palindromes" from the weekend that was neglected when we decided to play a game of palindromes instead of scrolling through the list. I quickly scanned the listing, seeing words like kayak, sagas, civic, and rotator. "Man!" I exclaimed out loud to Andy, "there are some good words we didn't come up with" and as I proceeded to tell Andy of these, he exclaimed, "Oh man!" It was amusing how excited we got about the game of palindromes and it made me realize we find joy in very simple things like palindromes.

It's the small things in life that make it worthwhile, like playing a game of palindromes. Or wearing matching ugly Christmas sweaters that we made ourselves cuz we were too cheap to buy some. Yeah... we are huge dorks... but we do indeed love it.


Ian and Gena Hopper said...

The title says it all. How about Hannah!

Passelly said...

Good times! On the drive home Jeff complained that his cheeks hurt from laughing so hard.