Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Weekend of Firsts for Jordan

I owe a little more credit to the fun and memorable times since Jordan has been in our life. The hilarious oh my my, this could only happen with a baby once in a lifetime "firsts" and experiences. Because without them now, life would not be as fulfilling or as satisfying and I would never trade him for anything (not even one million dollars!...imagine that with a pinky on my chin like Dr. Evil)!

Andy and I sometimes point at Jordan and say.. "that's my baby" with so much pride it's probably worth repenting immediately. We get excited about taking him out for firsts like this last Friday when we took him to his first baseball game at Dodger Stadium. As I reviewed everything in my diaper bag before we left - the normal wipes, boob feeding cover, diapers, changing pad, an additional two outfits (in case something should happen to soil his current outfit), plastic bags (to house any soiled messes) and even a bottle (just in case he somehow miraculously decides to take it while out), I could not stop thinking if I had missed anything. I always want to be prepared but sometimes you can't prepare for everything, a lesson I am learning everyday from Jordan. I am going to commit to enjoying the moment more and stop worrying so much (although lesson learned is it does get quite cold at night games, even though it's brutally hot during the day!).

At the game, Jordan was great - slept a bit, and then just sat there, mesmerized by the lights and everything else going on. Our friend Cassy asked to hold him for a bit and within mere seconds of transferring him over to her, a loud gaseous fart sound with a bit of moving liquid was heard and Cassy, Andy and me looked down towards Jordan and saw a blowout all over his cute baseball outfit AND Cassy's hands and pants. In that immediate moment, all I could think was did he really have to blowout on someone else? He was JUST on Andy's lap - ughhhh man, really baby?...... as we profusely apologized to Cassy who was so easygoing about having liquidy poop on her. I'm not sure I would have been as okay about it.. but then again, I never held a baby until Andy, my then boyfriend, plopped his newborn niece into my arms. (Besides that one time, I never held a baby until my own.. so if I can do it.. so can you!)

Saturday did not stop with the firsts for Jordan. It was his first time going away from home for more than 5 hours (including commute time!). That morning, I did not stop with making sure we had everything we needed for an entire day away from home. This meant five additional outfits, a mat, a pack of diapers and an assortment of blankets. Andy was amazed that we needed that many additional outfits but I advised him that Jordan goes through a LOT of clothes in a day from spit-ups to blow-outs to peeing during diaper changes. And sure enough, we went through four outfits throughout the day (and an additional outfit for Andy - we both brought two outfits just in case).

The drive over was about an hour and though Jordan started off by crying a bit, he was quickly distracted by a vibrating birdie (that came all the way from my friend Jen from Michigan!) and soon fell asleep within minutes of hitting the freeway.

We had a blast in Corona (think 909 Inland Empire) with the Bluths (Jen and Bryan) and Jen's extended family. We got there and basically pretended we were part of the family, refusing to leave (luckily they didn't kick us out) from mid-morning until after dinner. We tried our best to help out with the wedding open-house preparations that were going on for one of their close family friends' daughter and enjoyed Jen's amazing and aesthetically pleasing cupcakes (she had glitter and fillings and an assortment to choose from - yes we tried them all!) and I admired the landscaping and logistical set-up and pairing of turquoise, soft pink and the bird theme (bird cages, birds' nests, etc.). It was absolutely breathtaking and even though most of the design was the work of Jen's mom, I secretly thought, Jen is definitely going to help with our kids' weddings because I know she has her mom's same talent!

In between open-house prep, we got a chance to hang out and enjoy the pool. Jordan was all dressed in his water diaper and super cute surf top I got at Baby Gap on major sale (tis the season folks!) and Janie and Jack fisherman's hat (didn't get a photo) but he did not enjoy the water or the sun (he gets it from me) and instead, preferred to sleep on the soft cushioned seat in the shade outside. Inside the house, Jordan became enthralled with the ceiling fans, the older women (little girls ranging in ages 4 to 11) smiling and wanting to play with him and Jen's black and white damask themed bedroom and soft matching bed (babies don't have excellent eye sight so black and white contrasts are very engaging for them). He did tummy time on Jen's bed and even got to play with Bryan's cubs hat and only had one pukey moment and one blow-out - pretty good for his first time away from home!

Once home, Andy and I realized we are indeed getting old. We didn't do much that day except hang out, swim, eat, drink (we don't have much to drink besides Brita water and milk at our house and Jen's parents' home had seven-up, catcus cooler, Fresca, and bottled water), but we were simply exhausted when we got home. I was and am still so tired from Saturday that when I got back from Church today, I took an hour nap (for someone who doesn't normally nap, that's a lot!). I can't believe how tiring it can be to go on outings with your kid. And we only have one who is barely mobile! How does everyone else do it? And am I the only one who thinks that all the time?

Here's hoping our bodies adapt and we aren't so tired because the rest of the summer has even more "firsts" in store including a trip to Orlando Florida (hellooo Harry Potter world) and a camping trip to Big Sur.

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Chris and Paige Evans said...

I can't believe he had a blowout on Cassy! That's so sad and funny and crazy! First time for everything :) Isn't it amazing how much STUFF babies need when you travel!?!