Friday, July 1, 2011

Watch TV Criminal Law Television Much?

Ever watch a CSI marathon or consecutive episodes of rerun Law & Order episodes because you can? I distinctively remember carbon monoxide poisoning episodes .... scary stuff! Well, on the news today, I saw that all new buildings are now REQUIRED to have carbon monoxide alarms in addition to smoke alarms! Old buildings will not have any way of being held to this new law but as a law abiding citizens, we should all make a trip to Home Depot or and get one for our home now! For those who have never seen a criminal law sitcom or episode concerning carbon monoxide, it is odorless, colorless, flammable (but who has a ton of candles always lit around the house?!) and toxic!! Deadly! Dangerous!!! Granted I am definitely more paranoid than normal, I think it's a smart buy and addition to your home!

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Sijbrich said...

A year or so ago, an old college roommate of mine had a really close scare with carbon monoxide in their home and they were incredibly fortunate enough to get out of their home before it did kill her or her husband or one of her 4 kids. The next day I saw a carbon monoxide detector at Costco and bought it without hesitation. Scary stuff.