Saturday, July 9, 2011

Another Lesson From My Audit Days

Back when I used to be an auditor.... (seems so long ago now), our hardest time was always busy season, a wreckless 3-4 weeks of endless detail testing, project management, team lunch and dinner, gaining the audit 20 (cuz we ordered appetizers, main entrees and dessert for lunch and dinner...), audit methodology, ridiculous digressions not about work, office gossiping, facebook updates during breaks (and even myspace back then), team update meetings, sleepless nights and nightmares of the audit area you hadn't yet finished. When I was lucky enough to be the senior, also known as the person that the crap rolls downhill to, I always reminded my team not to be a Debbie downer or a negative Nancy. In some instances, I was guilty as charged - but the reminder always emerged among the sorrow and pain we felt as we fought our way through the audit areas, lackluster client responses and support and hard to read managers and in exchange we had memorable times and hey, I'm still alive and have not had my CPA taken away (yet). But the lesson learned was that the spirit of being positive always shined through even our most gloomy of days of no end in sight. The innocuous determination to persevere with high morale always challenged us but we never gave up because it was far better to work with a happy team.

It's something I've thought much about lately - especially with my new role as a mom. As much as I love it (see prior blog entry), I can't deny that it is challenging, an emotional rollercoaster at times and draining, even for me who has too much energy more often than not (who am I kidding, all the time really!). I know I freak out, I know I don't filter information enough and I know I try to do too much without always focusing on the most important (like why am I blogging instead of using the time to shower...? cuz showers are overrated!) But I choose to remember not to be a Debbie downer Negative Nancy poopy Patty because even though misery loves company, the first person in that company is Satan who just wants us to be miserable like unto himself.

Meaning, as much as I can detail the hardships of motherhood, I choose to celebrate in the upside because happiness loves company just as much as misery, but is so much more delightful. It does not me I'm unrealistic and do not see the difficulties of motherhood, it means I do not choose to magnify it, only reminding myself and dragging myself deeper into the abyss of unhappiness. I managed my expectations correctly when I got pregnant - I knew life would change, but I also knew it wouldn't. I knew things would get harder, but I also knew they would get easier. And I knew with proper planning, team and project management, plus a lot of good food, I would get through it - just like I got through every single horrific audit (including one said toy company who will remain nameless that was oh so NOT fun).

As much as audit tortured and aged me (still blame my eye wrinkles on a job in Pasadena that had us working through Christmas break...again shall remain nameless), I would never trade my audit days for anything. I learned a lot from it and some of my closest friends were gained through those experiences. Audit helped me grow and molded me into the person I am today. Thank you audit.. yet another lesson has been learned and applied to motherhood. Who would have thought. Plus, I can let the other bloggers vent and just read and laugh at their experiences that I can empathize with. HA!

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