Monday, July 25, 2011

Must Get Out Of California ASAP!

I am so outraged by the ballot proposition to ban circumcision in San Francisco, California, that I am eating away my anger with a bag of crunchy cheetos Andy got me from the hospital vending machine and cup o' noodles for lunch.

The arguments I have heard for the circumcision ban include asserting it is "genital mutilation" and that it is dangerous, painful and parents should not "force it upon their children." Right.. like how parents who decide to get an abortion force their children to never enter this world. But wait a minute, proponents for that one also claim a baby is not a baby (tell that to the six week ultrasound that says otherwise to me!) when an abortion is performed (which could be up to three months...). I think it's interesting that the citizens of San Francisco have not only banned happy meal toys (utterly ridiculous, parents need to watch their kids, not put the burden of responsibility on fast food restaurants!) but now they are eager to impose a $1,000 fine and a year in prison for parents who want to circumcise their boys. I've even heard some proponents for the ballot say it is because pediatricians want money (get your facts straight people, the OB gyn is the surgeon who performs it). And lastly, comparing it to females and claiming it is genital mutilation is just ludicrous - tell that to all the grown men who are walking around with their genitals mutilated. Does that mean they can't have kids? HAHA .. clearly insane. I wonder if it's painful for men with their genitals mutilated to produce offspring or if it's even possible. Oh wait - it is. Duh.

I could care less if a child gets circumcised or not, but ultimately, the fact that they want to strip parents the right to decide and tell us that it is cruel and completely purposeless - well that is just a lie.

I really hope we get to leave California for residency... at this rate, the state is going down faster than you can say circumcision.

Oh and Governor Brown just decided gay and lesbian history will be part of US history taught in schools from now on. Last I checked, there was not a chapter in my history book growing up that taught me about sex so why it is part of the curriculum now is beyond me. I also do not recall a chapter on bi-racial marriages so why is this a necessity? Oh right, because California is going downhill. Duh.


Chris and Paige Evans said...

Thank you for posting what I'm too afraid to say out loud! This is the last straw - I can't wait to get out of CA!

Michelle Baird said...

Matt and I can't wait to leave either. High taxes, high cost of living, and it being too crowded in general (which just leads to frustrations like traffic and difficulty finding parking, etc) also make our list (not to give you even more things to think about when it comes to disliking our state).

The interesting thing about circumcision is that when I had a month-long stint observing the anesthesiologists at the Veterans Administration hospital I kept on noticing a ton of circumcisions were being performed on these mostly Vietnam-era vets. What happens is sometimes as men get older or have a severe illness they can no longer clean the area well...and guess what, we all get sick, we all get older. Better to get the circumcision as a baby than wait until you are that old, sick man with a high risk of complications.

Kimberly Bluestocking said...

Sigh. There are many things I love about this state, but the pushy liberal moral agenda is not one of them.