Monday, October 8, 2012

A New Girl Crush

I was really looking forward to the New Girl because Zooey D is such a cutie but upon watching her show, I was deeply disappointed.  The jokes feel forced, her weirdness is kind of over exaggerated and all they seem to talk about is sex.  Granted How I Met Your Mother can be similar, at least I'm already hooked on the characters and feel committed enough to stay onboard to see how Barney and Robin got together.

So I'm super excited that I have a new girl crush, this one probably more for personality than looks (because that's what lasts anyway but that doesn't mean she's ugly, it just means she's not as scorching hot as Zooey).  Who could it be but Kelly Kapoor from The Office.  Her real name is Mindy Kaling and she is umm amazing!  Her new show, The Mindy Kaling Project (also on Fox) is the first thing I watched when Jordan went to take his nap (as I did a goofy freedom dance of joy!).  She makes a comment about who really goes the book stores besides to pick up on people, and I couldn't stop laughing.  So true.  Her observations about life are so keen and I share her penchant for sparkly stuff, even when everyone else is telling me to stay away.

I also just finished reading her book Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me (And Other Concerns) which is oh my goodness, laugh out loud fantastic and hilarious.  I couldn't put it down and after two days, I was done and am still laughing.  I will probably read it again soon.  She did make a snide annoying remark about Mormons but I let it go since everything else was so funny and I wanted more, more, and more!!!
I was talking to my BFF about why we are so obsessed with Mindy (she has been raving about the book since it first came out but I only just got around to it) and we concluded that we are narcissists who eerily relate to her.  We enjoyed spending time with our family growing up, we didn't want to go clubbing along with our other 16 year old girlfriends (but we lied and said we did and then last minute, said our parents found out and we couldn't go.... we never even asked), and even though we ran within a diverse group of band geeks, show choir team members, cheerleaders, dance team members, homecoming kings and queens, student body officials, and sat in the popular groups' lunch area under the pavilion, we found pure joy in the Speech & Debate Team (when are they going to make a television show about that?!) and focused on getting into college. Whatever, we were just normal says Mindy.  Love her to pieces!


Lauren said...

I have been wanting to read that and I feel like you are the millionth person that has said they enjoyed the Mindy Project (okay, like third, but still) you've converted me! Going to get the book and start watching the show! =)

P.S. I feel the same way about New Girl sometimes. The episodes are hit and miss. But sometimes they're gold!

Chris and Paige Evans said...

Did you watch The Office? Her character was my favorite. She wasn't on too much, but everything she said made me almost pee my pants.

I'll have to check the book out. Maybe it can be our next bookclub book :)