Monday, October 1, 2012

Horsing Around

Jordan loves horses.  He goes on bike rides with Andy through an area with a big piece of property and about five horses.  He'll point and make sounds but hasn't quite figured out how to say horse, ma, or neigh.

So it's only natural that he was in absolute heaven while he rode the ponies at the Harvest House Fall Festival this weekend (think small family owned farm with pumpkin donuts, pumpkins, apple cider, and u-pick apples!).

The only reason he isn't massively smiling from ear to ear is because it's asbout his nap time and he is holding on for dear life to not only the horse, but to stay awake as well.

It's amazing how family centered our weekends have become now that Jordan is old enough to enjoy family fun things like this.  There's also not much hesitation when it comes to things your kid will find fascinating - like the $5 we easily forked over for him to ride on this pony for a few minutes (makes me regret us showing up to the Pasadena Stake Fair with free pony rides late and missing the pony ride last year) or the $10 each we paid to enter a huge area with more rides, a corn maze, and bounce houses.    We'll definitely need to make a trip to visit our friends, the Boyles, who live on not a few square foot of land, but acres and have farm animals and go hunting, and have a sweet daughter about 8 days younger than Jordan.

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Lauren said...

Oh my gosh, that Fall Festival sounds so fun! I can't wait until London is big enough to do these fun things!
P.S. I am with Jordan, I LOOOOOVED horses when I was a kid.

Hope you get a chance to see the Boyles! Tell them we say hi if you do.