Monday, October 22, 2012

Good Perspectives

There are days when I think how easy it'd be to be back at the Firm instead of at home.  Here, I have to be the creative juice, the CEO, COO, executive assistant, administrator, ops manager, disciplinary executor, cook, maid, and housekeeper.  At times like these, it helps to reach out to my old buddies at the Firm who had been through the mom thing.

One wise mom and old co-worker gave me the following advice, and I loved it so much.. I just had to share it.

"As far as being a new mom/working mom/stay-at-home mom, it's all pretty challenging, right? Everyday I'm amazed I made it through, and my children seem to be doing all right. Maybe I have substandard expectations :-) My best advice is to stay confident in your choices, whatever they are. Even if you make a mistake, at least you know you've tried it and you had the best of intentions. I know we can be a bowl full of self-doubt and it sometimes doesn't do us any good! People who have worked at [the Firm] are generally passionate, all or nothing die hards. So it's hard to live a life where you have to start compromising your expectations, time, output, etc. But that's what parenting is about - it mellows you out! Or wears you down...whatever."

I love the part about being a bowl of self-doubt, glad I'm not alone.  And yes, I'm definitely more mellow now than I was a year ago.  I'm confident it has indeed wore me down a bit, and I'm only at one.  

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