Thursday, October 4, 2012

In Honor of the Ryder's Cup

I really want to learn how to use our fancy camera but instead of obsessing over ISO, aperture and shutter speed, I decided to fancy around with the automatic settings of portrait, action, scenery, and automatic.  Not bad!  Then, to top it off, we finally got around to purchasing a nice tri-pod so I can take photos of Jordan and me!  Hooray!

Andy picked Jordan's outfit today, I think he was still mourning the US loss to Europe at the Ryder's Cup this past weekend. 

 What mom?!
 More photos?!
 Look at that hair!
 The back always gets tangled during naps.
 Action shot with Dad...
 Collecting balls..
 Throwing balls!
 Just trying to get him to smile.
 Do you like how we're a bit off centered?  It's artistic, don't you think?
 I always see other people with this shot and I just wanted to be like them.
 Walk it off...
 I'm number 1!
What's a trip to the putting greens without a tantrum of sorts?!

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Lauren said...

Nice pics! I love the settings on my fancy camera too! Although I would still like a tripod...