Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Accidental Tradition: Halloween

Andy and I have decided, we will do family costumes for as long as our kids will let us.  We think that buys us another two years, even with Jordan deciding what he wants to be, we can just secretly adapt our costumes to theme up with his.  HAHA!

Last year, we were a sushi gang inspired by Pinterest, but this year, our idea came completely Pinterest free (although people who saw us would comment about how Pinterest is alive and well... pshh, go see their costume and ours, we win!).  Andy wanted Jordan to be the chubby scout, Russell, from the Disney movie Up, and he would be the old man.  I would be the dog who always said squirrel!  As Halloween got closer, however, we realized that Andy needed an expensive Scout shirt anyway (he works with two other men teaching the 11 year old Scouts every Wednesday), Jordan already had a bow-tie and really grew to like these lenseless black rimmed glasses my brother gave us, so why not make the switch?!

To pull off our costumes, we made a few items.  I made Jordan a grape soda pin (it's all about the details folks!), patches for a sash that was sewn together, and a Wilderness flag just like the one Russell actually sports in the movie for Andy.  The dog idea never came to fruition and I ended up wearing a Huggies box turned house that I drew (markers would have shown up better!) and Andy cut me arms and made sure the house was cut at the top of the box.  Andy also made a little walker out of PVC pipe, duck tape, and tennis balls!

Jordan already had a white shirt and bow-tie, so we got him some sweet slacks from Nordstrom Rack (which will be great for Church too!) and a corduroy blazer (which came with an attached gray hoodie, but we tucked it in for the costume) from Old Navy, and some temporary white hair color spray to pull off his older Carl self.

Items we didn't make included an orange piece of fabric for Andy's Scout scarf, the Scout shirt we ventured to the local Boy Scouts of America Store for, and helium balloons we picked up from a local party store.  And the dog costume never surfaced... though after watching the last episode of The Office, I really wish I could have borrowed Erin's dog costume.  Instead, I became the house from the movie.

Our Inspiration:
Old man Carl

Boy Scout Russell
Both of them together
the house

And here we are!  In all our Up glory:


Chris and Paige Evans said...

I loved seeing your costumes come together via instagram and now to see them in all their glory! SOOOOO CUTE! You should win a prize :)

Deidra Smith said...

So fun! You guys look great. And don't worry. You probably have more years than you think to coordinate. Our kids still like us to get involved and be corny with them. And the oldest is ten! We're just too lazy now. We were going to all be different angry birds and let the youngest be the pig, but alas I am going as a . .. . Mom:)

Lauren said...

These are awesome! Isn't it funny how even though your inspiration was the actual movie, people still assumed pinterest?? It's taking over the world (I say this with our costumes being fully inspired by pinterest haha). You guys looked so good!