Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Excited for the Elections!

I think this is the most excited I have ever been for an election.  To say I was politically invested in the past is to lie.  To say I was politically indifferent is more like it.  Maybe it's the fact that I'm older or that I have a family now (or that my husband's family is into politics), but I can't genuinely say I cared much before.  Sure, in college I went to go listen to John Edwards tell us why he was the best and four years prior to that, I witnessed my two good friends (one super liberal, the other super conservative) and the drama with Gore winning, then losing, and baby Bush eventually winning.... but most of those things only happened because when you go to a small liberal arts college where everyone is very politically involved and charged, that's just what you do even if you don't care!  Now, I actually do care.

Over the years, my votes have wavered from the Democratic party to no party to the Republican party, and it wasn't recently that I actually felt confident registering as part of the elephant crew.  I think it's because despite how many conservatives I know, there's this thing that most (not all) liberals do on facebook and in real life that make me feel like valuing the conservative social and fiscal policies are outrageous.  It always feels like when family values are emphasized by the Republican party, they get mocked by the Democratic party.  The backlash from liberals about Romney's comments about how he got more women to work for him (by being flexible with them and desires to go home to family) is shocking when it's the truth and personally, as a woman who had to make the decision of family over career, I agree with what he said and praise him for getting it.  People are outraged, oh so basically Romney wants to let women go home to cook and clean, is what I heard.  Umm.. really?!  Figure it out people.  The other thing I know I'm up against is all the people who believe I should in fact align myself with the Democrats because I am a minority Asian.  Did you know that Stacy Dash (the actress who is famous for playing Cher in Clueless) had people saying she wasn't black and was a traitor to her people because she said Team Romney on Twitter?!  Wow.

I know that's not a fair categorization of the left but for the most part, that's how this more middle-ish right person feels.  I also do NOT believe in affirmative action (but if you're going to say let's do that, why then do Asians not get the benefit of this when they are in fact a minority?... and why not in sports where it's pretty imbalanced there!).  I DO believe in working hard to become part of the upper class and once I'm there, I don't believe that qualifies me to pay more taxes, simply because I made it and you didn't.  We are all subject to the same tax rules, have equal opportunity for the same tax loopholes, and unless we have something like a straight 10% that is taxed, people will still find ways to shield their income from being taxed.

I also don't believe the government should run my life, tell me what kind of foods I should eat or tell me I cannot circumcise my son or buy him fast food when I want.  I believe I should make that decision as the parent.  I should be a good parent who balances his diet and teaches him respect for healthy vegetables and fruits as well as fatty fried foods and over the top desserts.  While I think the idea of Planned Parenthood is great for those who do not have parents to educate them, I also believe they should be educating on the value of abstinence instead of seemingly advocating that casual premarital sex is okay by making it a part of their mission statement to help enhance understanding of the societal implications of human sexuality.

Despite all that I believe, I think it's a pretty simple equation when it comes to the elections this time around.  Regardless of the fact that I think Romney is more handsome and has better hair than Obama, just looking at their on-paper qualities shows that Obama has failed for four years as a President while Romney has succeeded as a Governor.  One can argue that Bush left a mess for Obama to clean up but I remember him having quite a bit of Democrat support those first two years.  I also cannot ignore the rising price of gas and wonder what the heck Obama is doing.  I'm quite sure Obama is probably just smoking, running on the treadmill, letting his teenager daughters go to Hawaii with friends (unchaperoned), and reminding us how underprivileged he was despite going to one of the most expensive private schools in Hawaii.  But then again, Romney put a dog cruelly on the roof of his car for a family trip (so they could take it along with him), and apparently bullied some kid when he was younger and when asked, said he was immature and stupid without as my left friends will complain, a genuine apology to the kid he bullied.  Oh wait, and let's not forgot he's Mormon.  Shocking!  Inexcusable!  In all seriousness, I was excited for Obama during the prior elections.  I even got an Obama button in the mail.  Sadly, he has not lived up to my expectations.

If you're as excited as me.. you should watch this video.  It's fun.


Lauren said...

I've always found myself more moderate, but I feel like I'm growing more and more conservative. Maybe it's just the way I was raised, but one of my favorite quotes says, "Any young man who isn't a liberal doesn't have a heart, and any old man who isn't a conservative doesn't have a brain."

I feel like I understand where liberals are coming from--they want to help the poor and those in need, and that's an honorable ambition. BUT forcing others to do so doesn't make them better people, it might even make them worse because instead of growing to love their fellow man, they grow to resent them. Giving of our own free will helps create charity in the truest sense, because through giving and serving, we learn to love. I don't know that capitalism always produces that result (it leaves room for greed), but it also leaves room for choice. And isn't that what this life is about? Just my two cents.

Also loved that video, especially the end where it reminds us that a government big enough to give you everything you want is big enough to take away everything you have.

Sorry this was so long, I don't talk about politics very often, because I hate the contention it produces, but felt comfortable sharing my thoughts with you! =)

Larry Williams said...

Too bad there's not a "Like" on blogspot.

Traci said...

I enjoyed your take on the election. I find myself more invested in this election than the last one too. It will be interesting to see what happens!