Thursday, October 18, 2012

Big Boy Bed = Parent's Bed

Jordan learned how to climb out of his crib the other day which prompted us to remove the front of his crib, catapulting Jordan into toddler bed status at 17 months.  This basically means he fights when we put him to bed and then sleeps for about 4-5 hours before walking over to mom and dad's room to spend the rest of the night in our comfortable and large adult bed.  But some cute things have happened from his fights.

Yesterday, he would scream and fight and then cross his arms, as if to motion it's time to pray.  After I would say a short prayer, he would resume kicking and yelling, pleading to be released.  After about three prayers, I refused to say another prayer.  At this point in time, Jordan began to say the prayer in his broken jibberish of a language.

Last night, I patted his stomach until he fell asleep.  As I began to get up, thinking he was asleep now, his eyes stayed closed, but his hands searched around for mine, grabbed hold of them, and put them back on his stomach as if to communicate he needed that stomach caressing just a bit longer please.

Today, we returned from a fun play date from his favorite little buddy's house (Finn who is two) and exhausted and completely full of grapes, muffins, and chips as well as pooping right before we left, he zonked out in the car, still clutching onto his pretzel stick, and then transferred perfectly to his big boy bed.    


Genny said...

I went through many months of sleepless nights since she climbed the crib. My sister found this for her boy. I so wish I bought it!

Chris and Paige Evans said...

Transitioning to a toddler bed is something I'm not looking forward to! But it sounds like it's going okay, kinda, maybe, sorta? Hopefully in a few more days he'll get used to it and stay there all night!!