Thursday, October 25, 2012

My First Learning Circle

After stumbling on the Power of Moms website a few years ago, I couldn't wait for my own child to be old enough to implement some of the ideas.  I also couldn't wait to participate in a Learning Circle.  After much waiting and anticipation, that time has finally come!

Tonight, I hosted my first Learning Circle with four other moms (all resident wives) in our humble apartment.  It was so awesome!  I got so many ideas from other veteran moms and also got a chance to realize I'm not alone.  This motherhood thing isn't easy and what I sometimes feel is not abnormal.  It was a great sense of support, collaboration, and brainstorming.  Now, I want to go get a sign made that says "Excuse our mess, we are building a family."  We went over two articles from September and October with one about trying to stay sane amidst the mess our children create and how to involve them, and the other about fun traditions to establish in our families.  It helps that the stuff we read was amazing, but the conversation to get us thinking and applying what we read was great too.  All of us have  

I encourage every mom to join the Power of Moms if they haven't already!  There are free articles, webcasts, and tools to help you be a more positive and deliberate mother.  If you have moms around you and want to start a Learning Circle of your own, do it!

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Traci said...

I really loved the learning circle too. I came away feeling better about my bad habits as a mom and armed with some good ideas to fix them. Thank you so much for putting it all together! Can't wait for the next one!