Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Infamous Nike Employee Store Visit

We got the unique opportunity to visit the Nike Employee Store while in Portland, Oregon.  It's a highly coveted, very insider type of occasion as you can only gain entry if an employee gets you a guest pass (they are given only a few each year).  One of my college buddies offered to get us in from his aunt's employment with Nike Taiwan but we never received confirmation.  Despite that being the case, we went ahead and planned the detour (our trip was to Canada) in honor of large amazing discounts that simultaneously coincided with Andy's birthday (or an excuse for excessive purchases).  Note there are only a few stores that make my husband so school girl bright eyed excited and the Nike Store is one of them.  My insider flaked but my father-in-law was so clutch with an insider of his own that he called up very last minute (it pays to know important people like my father-in-law!)  He would later jokingly regret this decision (we spent a lot of money there), but man was it exciting.  My husband is still dancing silly from it.  

At first, only the men went in.  The women stayed back with child for the first part, but eventually... we all made our way into the store (technically spouses are allowed but we didn't want to push our luck as we weren't sure if the men even got onto the list so last minute, entering with five people would have been pushing it...) and 2.5 hours later, we left with a lot of Nike loot.  That is an understatement.  I only left with one very expensive winter jacket that my husband repeatedly convinced me to get, but let it be known I had grand plans to spend a lot more at first.  You see, my husband had informed me that everything was 50% off in the store.  What he hadn't informed me was the prices were all marked already.  So here I was, prancing around the store, thinking work out pants were $15 and running shoes were $26.50.  I pulled a TON of stuff into our cart and was so giddy with excitement at all the savings I was going to have.  I didn't even need new workout pants (and this wasn't even Lululemon) nor did I need new shoes (my TJMaxx ones for < $20 worked just fine) but still, what a steal... who could pass up this deal?  And then as we were going through our things, Andy advised me that the prices marked were 50% off.  What?!  There's not an additional 50% off of that price?!  ... No way Jose!

Shocked, I removed everything from our cart.  And then I watched Andy who kept explaining It's just like Christmas! over and over as he walked around the store with way too much energy and excitement.  He left with the most loot, mostly for his birthday, some for Christmas and some just purchases he knew would be worth it (like the three pairs of golf gloves he would eventually use).  What a time.  I learned I can be extremely cheap with stuff I don't care for the same and that my husband, always quite the frugal man, can be quite willing to spend if for the right things.  He kept explaining how much we saved versus how much we spent (confessions of a shopaholic) but I'm just glad we balance each other out in the Nike Store.  Twas a grand time. Andy is still screaming, "It was awesome!"  Over and over again.

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