Friday, October 5, 2012

I Look Dang Good in a Sweatshirt

Every Wednesday, Andy goes to the Church to help the 11 year old Scouts advance towards their Eagle.  He often takes Jordan who enjoys running around the gym with the older kids, but lately, I've been joining as the Young Women also meet for some fun activity in one of the many rooms at Church.  Other times, I take the time to swing by the craft store (which is also over that way) with Jordan and then we eventually make our way over to the Church.

On Wednesday night, we made a stop to the local JoAnn Fabric after we dropped Andy off at Church and the moment I stepped out of the car from the passenger side to take position in the driver's side, I felt it.  The crisp, cold air and the faint fresh smell of what I believe is Fall.  I'm quite sure it's the comfortable night chill of what I'd normally experience in California around November or December, and from the reminders on Instagram from everyone back in Cali, not much has changed as their weather has mostly been scorching hot in the 90's and 100's this week.  But in that moment of taking in the cool night air, I continued driving with Jordan in the dark, feeling an immense amount of joy and only what I can describe as pure happiness.  I might not know the entire area well yet, but I know this one strip of road quite well and that familiarity reminded me that this is indeed home, even if only for one short year.  And yes, it's true, home is where the family is and I love our little apartment (even if I feel like I can never buy too much or risk not having anywhere to put stuff), the fresh smell of the forest out on our balcony (even if I initially imagined horror movies), and enjoying small town life with the family.  The more I thought of the content and almost giddy feeling I was experiencing, I sat with Jordan babbling in the background, realizing I can coin this very moment as a "I look dang good in a sweatshirt" moment.

Let me try to explain.

The cold air always bring me back to life in a sweatshirt whether it was in high school running to AP Calculus tutor session or boba runs with friends or ad-hoc craft store shopping trips or in college walking around campus to the computer lab or library.  You see, in California, since it only gets cold a few times during the year, the only constant of cold is during the night, most of which is me out and about in a sweatshirt.  Post college, my dreadful but still loving job had me working late hours in business casual, leaving the warm office to enter a garage with my car (slightly colder) and then home directly into a garage that would then take me home or into an elevator to an apartment.  And as I thought about it more, the reason why I could remember those cold nights is because I always felt good and confident about myself because let's face it - I looked dang good in a sweatshirt.

I still look dang good in a sweatshirt (but does anyone not look dang good in a sweatshirt?!) and I cannot wait to make that my staple outfit this Fall and Winter.

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