Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?

Well, that was the idea but the snow was quite fresh from a small dump yesterday and it's still dry and not sticking quite right.  But the boys were excited to go out and play (I don't usually offer for the record, but I felt like we ought to a few times before we left for DC), and Dagny was about to nap.. so it felt like good timing.

After the eternity of getting the boys both into their snow gear (and Bubba taking off his really hard to put on gloves once before realizing, oh I should keep these on and me learning, boots first then mittens), Dagny kept screaming from her crib that she wanted in on the action.  The boys were so excited, just itching at the door to get out.
As for Dagny... I swear, she is the best napper and sleeper and normally doesn't care if there are people outside, but she has this sixth sense for when we are doing more than just playing in the living room.  She wants IN on the fun stuff and knows when it's happening, so today was no exception.  She refused to nap and so we got her dressed as well.  At first, I put her mitten underneath her snow suit, but then it was so tough to get back into the snowsuit, I put her other mitten over it.  Jordan said she looked like Darth Vadar with one hand only.  HA!

the crew ready for action!
Dagny couldn't figure out how to move in her snowsuit
So we ventured out and probably hung out in the cold frigid weather (despite the sun being out, don't be fooled.. it was about 26 degrees) for about 25 minutes.  The boys loved running around in the snow, finding sticky snow that could be made into snowballs (they seemed to have more luck at this than yours truly), and throwing it at each other.  Dagny, meanwhile, was figuring out exactly what to do in all of this.  She stood for a bit, looking like a miniature snowman, but then she sat and observed her brothers play.

It was at this precise time that Bubba decided throwing snowballs at his little sister would be fun.  Poor Dagny didn't even flinch, she just sat there and looked slightly bewildered, slightly amused, not sure if she was supposed to cry or laugh.  I dusted the snow off her and she continued to watch the boys.  She got quite a quick out of when Jordan threw snowballs.  I imagine she will be quite the sassy snowball thrower when she's physically big enough to get around in snow gear.  

Bubba made some snow angels, ran around throwing snowballs at me, and Jordan went about digging some of the snow and looking for rocks underneath.  He hiked around the snow, threw snowballs at me, Grandma (who came after we started and hung out with us too... perks of living near grandparents!), and Grandma's car.  I suggested getting the sled out but they didn't want it, they simply wanted to play in the snow at their leisure so I happily obliged.  

picture perfect snow statue
after being assaulted by gege 
snow angels, rolling around, snowballs, etc. 
We finally decided the rosy red cheeks indicated it was time to go in.  The boys were not pleased, it took some serious bribing (at one point Jordan said, "Mommy, I don't want to watch a show later, I just want to play in the snow!), and finally ultimatums from Mom.  It was fun though, I'm glad I got outside of my comfort zone and maybe we'll do it again while our snow clothes are still drying on the carpet in the living room.

Who said there aren't perks to living in snowy Salt Lake City?  We got a playground of snow just outside.  But seriously, how many more times do you think we'll make it out again this year?

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sara said...

I just don't get this. One reason I would never want to move. I can't deal with weather!!