Thursday, February 25, 2016

Freebie: Music Print for Your Favorite Suzuki Teacher

I have some horrific memories of learning to play the piano.  But I can honestly now say, I'm glad I had those awful moments existed and haunt me to this day, as they encourage me to be quite particular about how my own kids and exactly how they shall go about learning music.  I've mentioned before that Jordan does Let's Play Music, it's such a great program aimed to help kids learn about music theory in a fun learning environment.  It's still going to be hard.. but at least it can be a bit easier this way.

When music theory eventually clicked for me in about the fourth grade, I learned a lot in a pretty short time... but I also had to go to music theory classes for an hour on the weekends and work on theory homework during the week.  It was tough... I attribute my willingness to work hard to my piano teacher, who unlike my old witch with bony fingers crazy curly hair and bulging four eyes (I can't seem to unforget her) who slapped my hand with a ruler everytime I played something wrong, she seemed to truly care about me and want me to learn.  I wanted to show her I had improved each week we met, so I finally began putting forth the effort.  Plus, she actually taught me how to read music, whereas before I was just reading the numbers and thinking numbers 1-5 would show me where to play on five piano notes.  To my surprise, I wasn't half bad.  The little music trophies I accumulated over years of California Certificate of Merit tests still claim such as they sit and collect dust in my mom's office back home, and sometimes I get on our piano and just play Claire De Lune for kicks.

So when my friend Nicole asked me to help make a print for their piano teacher, I was happy to do, and pleased with the quote.  I didn't know much about the Suzuki method before Nicole gave me the lowdown, but I'm glad there are options for my kids now.  Or maybe they existed when I was growing up, but I sure as heck didn't know about them and neither did my mom!  

download here (for personal use only)

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