Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Free Stuff Tastes Better... Seriously!

For some reason, free food tastes better.  Monday was National Frozen Yogurt Day and Yogurtland was giving away free fro-yo and toppings.  Grandma met us in the parking lot and the line moved surprisingly quick for free yogurt AND toppings! There's definitely joy in the fact that I'm teaching them at a young age to enjoy the finer FREE things in life.  

We celebrated free frozen yogurt with what felt like the rest of Salt Lake City.  The kids were ecstatic that they could have unlimited toppings - we kept asking them if they wanted more popping balls, more gummi bears, more M&Ms, a bit different from our normal approach of "pick one topping" (or they pick a bunch but we only put a few of each kind on).  We were PACKING it on this time!  HEHE

Can you tell.. my kids were elated!

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