Friday, February 12, 2016

Jordan the Big Bro

I love having three kids.  They keep me on my toes (especially when we're trying to get out the door) but they crack me up everyday.  What I find amusing though is how much Jordan really seems to set the tone for his brother and sister.  They look up to him so much, and if he's being silly, they seem to get the silly bug too.  If he's obedient, SURPRISE, so are they.  I'm grateful Jordan is such a loving older brother.  He loves his little brother and his little sister, and Bubba has imitated his affection for Dagny from time to time.  Andy and I often attribute his awesome older brother behavior to the fact that we have persistently prayed for our kids to be the best of friends.  I hope they never stop loving each other.  

The other day, Jordan had to leave for a playdate without Bubba.  Upon leaving, Jordan walked over to Bubba, gave him a long embrace and said, "Bubba, I'm going to miss you" to which Bubba responded, "yeah, I have to go!" (he was Facetiming with friends).  Whenever we go to pick Jordan up from school, Bubba's face LIGHTS up.  If I put Dagny down for a nap while Bubba's playing and he doesn't notice it, a look of concern comes across him when it hits him that Dagny is missing.  Dagny loves watching her older brothers.  She will sit in the crib content if her brothers happen to be playing in her room, which they frequent often because it's got a nice soft rug in it.  Lately, she will sit peacefully in her PBK chair below the couch as her brothers sit on the couch in theirs (stadium seating above).  I can't wait until Dagny is older and the three of them play together.  

These are some older photos taken in August.  

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