Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Jordan's Big Hero 6 Party

Jordan's almost 5 but I guess I took a break from blogging and never stopped to recap on his 4th birthday party.  We picked a fun theme that both Jordan and I were on board with, so it made planning DIY elements super exciting.

I was especially excited about the black and white tablecloth we got from Ikea.  It's great for the Big Hero 6 Party theme, but it's also great for future use.

I downloaded a free banner here, got some small white lanterns and glued some Baymax eyes, used the prints we got from pre-ordering our DVD from the Disney Store, and made food tags (and used themed foods we made up!)
 DIY Baymax lanterns.  We went with red and purple ribbons to hang them.

Honey Lemon's cupcakes (swirly frosting cuz she uses colored gas balls)
Gogo's Bagel Pizzas (cuz she loves using discs)
Baymax's health chips hehe
Wasabi's Edamame (cuz it's a Japanese appetizer and serving wasabi might be weird...)

We made water bottle stickers and used clear packing tape so it wouldn't smudge with condensation
Fred's fireballs (aka Clementines!)
Baymax name tags and Baymax fists (made from this DIY) for everyone
free downloadable banner from here 
we loved making the swirly cupcakes!
lucky us, we had a purple blanket (on point with the theme!)
Baby Dagny and her Baymax onesie we made ourselves
the boys wanted green and blue Baymax shirts
Andy came up with all these games...

Andy led the kids with the games he made up for Big Hero 6.  They sliced balloons with Wasabi's laser sword, threw rings around poles for GoGo, saved their toys from villains (who shot them with Nerf guns from above), and then threw colored balls as far as they could to imitate Honey Lemon.  We used all our Big Hero 7 memorabilia, which is a lot.... and it was awesome.  It was so fun planning the party with Jordan who was equally excited and afterwards, the lanterns are still there (through the snow almost a year later) and the little lanterns are above the boys' bottom bunk.  We use it sometimes and it's quite fun to have the room lit up.

I can't believe this party was almost a year ago.  With us heading to Washington D.C. and celebrating Jordan and Bubba's birthdays there, it really does remind you that time flies.  I've been telling him that D.C. is where we celebrated his first birthday, and now we'll also celebrate his fifth birthday there!  Kind of fun huh?

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