Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Let Them Be Little

My favorite part about being a mom to young kids is how much they love me, no matter how many times I fail (and I fail often).

Every night, I lay between my two boys until they fall asleep. Sometimes we listen to a church devotional or browse through my Instagram feed. I know it's a bad sleeping habit and that I'm stuck, (and Bubba roams around for 10 minutes crying for me when I go work out once a week during their bedtime), but I secretly really treasure these sweet moments (95% of the time) because they tell me repeatedly how much they love me and I know this won't last. 

One day, they won't want mom next to them at night. One day, they won't want to talk about the day with me. One day, they won't care about my Instagram feed. One day, they won't want to continually hug and kiss me. One day, they won't shower me with "I love you's" 
I actually get extremely nervous thinking about weekends without my kids by my side 24/7. I'm not sure if this makes me a helicopter mom hidden behind a wannabe tiger mom but it just scares me to think I won't be as involved in their lives as I am now. I am with them almost all day long with the exception of some school here and there. I'm the one always telling Andy what they did, funny things they said, if they are well, had a tantrum, did well playing together etc. and it makes me sad that it's just a few more years and all my kids will be in school a lot longer doing who knows what!! 

Is it bad that I want to let them be little for a long time? Cuz I kinda do... Or I want them to grow up but still want to be with me all the time. Maybe homeschooling isn't such a bad idea after all...

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