Tuesday, February 16, 2016

We Bleed Blue

One of the biggest advantages of living in Salt Lake City is how close we are to Provo and how often we can make our way down for football and basketball games!  This year, Andy found a $20 deal for 8 tickets, so a bunch of us all jumped on board.  Sometimes the games are at night, making it a bit harder to take our kids with us... but this last weekend, we had a 2 PM game!  A few weekends ago, after a brief morning ski session (trying to take advantage of the time we have before we leave in 2.5 weeks!), we headed home, changed, and made our way to Provo.  

It was our first time at Brighton, we normally go to Alta for the afternoon 3 - 4:30 PM $10 access to the bunny slopes, so we were a bit lost about where to park.  We followed the masses and had to walk/ski along a huge pathway for what felt like eternity.  We know now to park on the streets and just ski down near lot 4.  It feels a bit weird that my kids are going to grow up skiing.  It's definitely an expensive sport, we're grateful that Utah Ski & Golf has the $30one time payment deal where you can trade up boots and skis until they're an almost tween size.  It's already been made worthwhile with Jordan's skis and boots!

OGO and Grandma went to Roots Tech, so we headed down with Jeffrey (a Ute!) and Jan.  Notice Jeffrey's subtle red shirt underneath his black cover up.  

Despite it being an awful game where BYU decided shooting free throws didn't matter, it was fun as always to go down with the family.  I'm always amazed at the amount of BYU fans all there with their kids.  I'm never alone roaming the hallways with my children, BYU fans bleed blue and since most of them are Mormon, they all have tons of kids to bring along.  HAHAHA.  Even though I'm not a huge BYU sports fan (not compared to Andy), games are always more fun to watch in person.  Plus, I really like watching the Cougarettes dance!

I'm glad we bleed blue.  My alma mater for college was a D3 in sports, I made it to a few games here and there, but nothing to get super excited over.  It's really fun to cheer for a D1 school, but the real reason I bleed blue is because Andy does.  He gets so excited, and though I don't always watch the games at home with him, it's always more fun in person.  I might go run errands or work on the side or even catch up on my own shows upstairs while he's watching a game, but most of the in person games are fun and enjoyable for me too.

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