Monday, February 22, 2016

Hello From The Other Side

Have you ever seen these signs?

I guess you just can't win with kids.  You clean, they mess up.  That's why my home is such a mess! But I don't personally like the above because I like teaching my kids to clean with me.  I like being the example and hopefully encouraging them to like a clean space as well.  I mean, I get it.  My home will not be spotless without a lot of effort and constant upkeep until my kids are out of the house.  It will never look like the home magazines, there will always be a ton of laundry, dirty dishes, and crumbs everywhere.  But what feels odd is when moms tell stories about how they took the time to play and be present with their kids instead of cleaning up the home.  Seriously?  If you don't feel like cleaning up the house, just admit it.  But don't go blaming it on the fact that you're being present with the kids.  You probably just spent 15 minutes on Facebook posting that meme or status update when you could have been cleaning.  HA!  

There are a lot of hours in the day.  It takes 15 minutes to unload the dishwasher and re-load it.  It takes 5 minutes to load laundry and another 5 to move it to the dryer.  It takes 20 minutes to fold laundry.  It takes 15 minutes to vacuum.  It takes 15 minutes to mop the floor.  It takes 30 minutes to clean two bathrooms.  Really, you could do ALL of that and it's still be less than a few hours, but obviously you could also do a little each day and use less than 30 minutes per day.  That's still a whole lot of other time to BE with your kids.  

My house is not spotless, but we do pick up and make cleaning part of our weekly routine.  It is a sometimes futile attempt but I want my kids to understand that beds are made, dishes are put away, floors are swept, and being neat and organized is something they should strive for.  I am a firm believer that it will spill over into other aspects of their lives.  They can object in their own future homes, but I dunno anyone who has gone to a hotel and explained, "dang it, why did they make my bed?!"  I like coming home to a made bed, and so I make it. I like waking up to a clean sink, so I make an effort every night. But like with everything else in our life, it's just about what matters most and what you're willing to make time for.  

Anyway, here is a funny meme of what moms on the other side are thinking when the above signs get posted.  

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