Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Some People Think We're Crazy

It's not always easy being a doctor's wife during residency.  Before Andy made the switch to his new no call specialty, I was often on my own with the kids for the weekends, holidays, nights here and there, etc.  I can't say I miss that old schedule.  In fact, the new schedule has spoiled me so.  Andy is home for dinner almost every single night by 5:30/6 PM and never has to work a single weekend ever again.  He has all major holidays off and depending on some minor ones, even those!  But he does have to do some away rotations that are quite lengthy, but we have decided they are worthwhile and helpful for his professional progression and network, and that we not only support it, but are going along with him!

So... one thing Andy and I discussed before we got married and agreed on was that if we were ever married, we would aim to never be apart.  Aim.. as in try.  Obviously, I couldn't pack him along with me for PwC trainings... or BlueSky meetings in Manhattan Beach, but if I could, we would.  We just didn't believe that being apart would benefit our family, so we try to limit the amount of time we are away from each other.

Fast forward five years later and here we are about to leave for Washington D.C. together with our three kids in tow for two months and then Orlando for a month thereafter.  I know, I know.. why not just stay home during that time?  Why pay so much for a vacation rental by owner when you are essentially paying double mortgage?  Well... to be honest, it's an investment in our family.  I don't want my kids to be without their dad for three months.  I don't want my kids to have a cranky mom for three months.  And together, it's an adventure we get to have.  Plus, there's something fun about the unknown in a big city and though I am scared out of my mind about spending all day with three kids and no car, the silver lining is that it's only for two months.  You can do anything for two months... right? ... please say yes.

It'll be over before we know it!  Our boys will turn 3 and 5 while we're there.  Our baby girl will become Nursery eligible at Church (18 months).  I will turn 34 (wow....), we'll celebrate St. Patrick's Day, Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day, and it will be one for the books.  Or so I tell myself as I'm wondering what in the world to pack.

Our goal is to only check two large bags, take two carry on's, our computer bags, a diaper bag, and the pack n play and stroller.  Think we can do it?

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