Monday, February 29, 2016

Millennial Moms United

I received an email from an old co-worker addressed to an old audit team I was on back in 2005.  All of us are married with children now, and the email immediately brought back a floodgate of tortuously never ending commutes to Carson, fine dining in the form of take-out eaten at our desks whilst at our computers, and the true team bonding that can only come from late busy season evenings that blend into early mornings.

I found so much joy in that email, it was probably the highlight of my day (I still love my kids, please don't be concerned).  It was just refreshing and a tad bit surprising from my normal day to day routine.

But it got me thinking that as a millennial mom, I am really fortunate to have such easy access to a team of mothers sometimes disconnected, sometimes in disagreement, sometimes empathetic, sometime problem solving, sometimes inspirational, but always celebrating in the joy that is motherhood (despite the anguish, tears, yelling, and constant mundane humdrum of each day that comes and goes).  I started to wonder what moms did before.  Sure, the Mommy Wars probably weren't as intense, they mostly existed in neighborhoods and with people you knew well, but the collaboration, team bonding, and comradeship that comes from a united cause and objective makes it something unique and valuable.  And the internet, love or hate it as you will, no doubt provides that.

If I didn't have the internet, in all its good, bad, and absolute ugly, I would probably miss full time work in an office setting (I work part-time from home, it's sooo different) a lot more, long for that team I left behind, and wonder who to be witty (or attempt to be) and make jokes with.  Instead, a quick whirl through Instagram or Facebook easily resolve that.  As dubious as I am of my own tendencies to spend too much time on those social media outlets, they do provide a positive in my day by giving me a break from my kids and insight into a world of grown-up complaints, triumphs, and funny observations.  In a lot of ways, knowing how to use it for its good can provide a lot of assistance, support, and good.

I hope we remember that as we worry about the added level of security and regulation we have to provide for our kids from the dangerous evil world wide internet.  As destructive and scary as it is, it is also wonderful in its essence and ability to connect us.  As a web should.  Just don't get tangled the wrong way. ...

what most days look like (though this was a weekend)
vain selfie for posterity 

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